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Hello and welcome. I am so pleased you are here because teenagers face tough problems, right?

And often it can seem like adults don’t understand or don’t have your answers or don’t have the time or inclination to care - life can be tough for them too.

So I’ve put together here some pointers and freebies to help you right now. You can just click on any of the topics on the list below and find some helpful information.

My book “The No 1 Guide For Teenagers To Feel Happy and Enjoy Life” will soon be available where I teach you exactly how to overcome everything you don’t like about yourself and your life and exactly how to be your best self with your best life!

There are 2 key things I want you to know now:

1) regardless of your background or circumstance or what you’ve come to believe, you are just as worthy and deserving as anyone else and have lots that’s special about you.

2) it is not your fault for things that have happened or that you’re the way you are. Whatever you’ve been through, or are currently going through, or hate about yourself, it’s not your fault. Even if you’ve made mistakes - you are young and learning. Yet, you are ultimately accountable for your own life and the choices you make.

And in order to be your best self to make best choices and have your best life, the biggest gift you can give to yourself is to cultivate your self-worth so you can reach your full potential - because that’s what you deserve.

Pick a topic right now from the list below and come back soon to see any new additions or check up on my book!

Click on any topic that appeals:

Depression click here

Stop Caring What Others Think click here

Peer Pressure click here

Exam Stress click here

Panic Attack click here

Self Harming click here

Alcohol/Drugs click here

Confidence click here

Building Your Self Worth click here

How to Like Yourself click here

Worthiness and Deservability click here

Feeling Good About You! click here

Free Relaxation For Sleep / Emptying Your Stress Bucket Audio Track : click here

There are other topics in my book “The No1 Guide for Teenagers to Find Happiness” such as “How to deal with Pushy Parents” “How to Cope with Divorced/Divorcing Parents” “Sex and Sexuality” “Gambling” “Is My Dream Normal?” “Dating” and lots more as well as, in Part One, the whole simple process for healing and leaving behind your past, feeling good now, and creating a positive future.

You will soon be able to order my book here so do check back often to see when it’s out!

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