Relaxation For Sleep /
Emptying Your Stress Bucket

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All our negative thoughts go into what I call our ‘stress bucket’. If our bucket is quite full we will likely experience sleep issues, either not being able to get to sleep or else waking up in the early hours of the morning with our thoughts racing through our mind or else sleeping so deeply we find it really hard to get up in the morning and feel constantly tired.

If you have any of these issues I recommend you download my Relaxation for Sleep Audio that you can see here which is specially created to help solve these sleep issues. Play the track every night when you go to bed and allow it to send you to sleep. It will help you maximise the benefit of your REM sleep which, in other words, will help to empty your stress bucket. You might find it works quickly and you’re sleeping well again, or you might find, if your bucket was really full, that it takes a little longer to get to that stage, but it will work if you keep it up - especially if you use my book “The No1 Guide for Teenagers to Feel Good, Be Happy and Enjoy Life!” to help you shift things and stop putting so many negatives into your bucket in the first place. If you are still awake at the end (it’s about half an hour long) or if you wake in the night, play it again. Keep using it for several months after you feel better and then periodically in times of challenge or when you have lots going on. I still do!

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