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I have been depressed for many years. My relationships have failed, I am under-achieved at work and I really don’t have many friends, or ones that I feel I can confide in. Is there any hope for me?


I feel for you and, if you’ve read my blog “My Journey”, you will see I too have had similar experiences.

What I encourage you to realise is that your experiences are the result of something much deeper in you that prevents you having what you want.

What do you REALLY believe about yourself and your world?

I am different/I don’t belong/I’m not loved/I can’t have/I’m not good enough/I need outside approval and acceptance to validate myself/life is hard/life is cold and rejecting/ or similar?

I learned these kind of messages as do many people. They are not true. Is there any baby born in the world who is not lovable? Who isn’t good enough exactly as they are? Who isn’t worthy?

You were a baby too! You just learned things from others who didn’t know any different themselves and have lived life coming from the space of observing your experiences and adding validation to the original subconscious data you had taken on board.

Your way forward is to sit quietly with yourself, eyes closed, relax as deeply as you can and ask yourself “What is it I truly believe about myself and my world?”

Write down all the things that come up for you. Realise that anything negative is just a reflection of the false negative data stored and it can truly be released, dissolved, blown up or turned into truthful positive data about yourself and your world.

As you learn to give your power to what you DO want and how you DO want to feel about yourself and what you want to manifest in life, instead of all that is wrong and negative, you will make that shift from helplessness in your primitive mind (which I call your Rats’ Den) to the positive power in your intellectual mind (your Palace). Then you can create a very different life for yourself.

Of course there is hope for you. All you need is the willingness, intent and commitment to do this, then success is guaranteed.

My book takes you through the process, step by step, to rid yourself of old false beliefs and patterns and reprogramme new truthful ones, to board up that Rats’ Den and move authentically into your Palace mind – and stay there effortlessly by coming home to yourself deep inside to feel joy every day.

From there, you can allow in a wonderful relationship, a rewarding and fulfilling work life and make new friends easily.

It starts with feeling good about yourself!

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Demi Schneider

- DHP HPD SFBT(Dip) GQHP MNCP AfSFH - Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist - Metaphysical Life Coach - Solution Focused Brief Therapist - Founder & Facilitator of Depression Busting Courses - Author of “Beat Your Depression For Good”