My Book Launch


I am delighted to be able to say I am having my official book launch on Wednesday evening, 22nd October, at the very lovely Muddifords Court in Willand, shown above.

I have known the owners, Nicki and Pip, for some time and they are not only gracious hosts of a well deserved 5* trip advisor rated B&B, I have the privilege of calling them friends. Indeed, Pip has kindly agreed to say a few words by way of introducing me before I take the stage myself to welcome guests and give some many sincere thanks.

It will be a great pleasure to have the opportunity to publicly thank those who have so generously helped me over the years as well as having acknowledged them in my book. I feel so blessed.

I am also reminded of words I use in my book about success. So often we see success as something ‘out there to be attained’. It would be easy for me to now be thinking about promotions and sales and getting my book physically into shops. (There are some 300 books a week published so it takes a great deal to persuade shops to stock your book).

However, if we spend life chasing the next goal, we never feel the joy of our achievements along the way. Indeed, we can realise that any step towards moving forward is a success in itself, to be enjoyed.

I will be embracing this success on Wednesday as part of my ongoing journey.

I encourage you to consider your successes from what you have done and achieved. You successfully got your job or bought your car or went shopping or perhaps made someone else happy today. Perhaps you made the beds or got some washing done. You achieve success every day! Embrace it and acknowledge yourself for it. The Universe doesn’t measure ‘big’ or ‘small’; just the vibration emanating from your thoughts and feelings. What you focus on grows.

If you chose to, how many successes could you chalk up in your life right now?

About The Author

Demi Schneider

- DHP HPD SFBT(Dip) GQHP MNCP AfSFH - Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist - Metaphysical Life Coach - Solution Focused Brief Therapist - Founder & Facilitator of Depression Busting Courses - Author of “Beat Your Depression For Good”