Is Depression Blocking a Happy New Year?

It’s easy to look around and see all the things that aren’t working for you in life in the way you want.  Maybe it’s your relationship, your job, your family, your health, your finances, your endless struggle to get everything done or just that you really don’t like yourself and the way you feel right now.

Whilst your problems or the way you feel about yourself may be very real and challenging, there is a very important realisation to be had.  Even if these things were fixed and you felt better again, how long would it be before the next thing comes along and gets you down again?

Living on this roller coaster of feeling good when outside things are working as we’d wish and feeling bad when they don’t is not a recipe for a good life.  A good life isn’t about what we achieve or how much money we make etc.  A good life is about feeling HAPPY with ourselves, deep within, without needing life to be perfect in order to feel good.

It is a time to realise the only one who can truly make us happy is ourselves.

If we rely on others for our validation or happiness, or give our attention to all that is wrong with us, or wrong with our life, we can never find happiness.  These just give our power away and put us in the primitive “Rats’ Den” part of our brain where we feel helpless.  Our only comfort then becomes in staying under the duvet, or staving off the uncomfortable feelings with alcohol or ‘retail therapy’ or comfort eating or something else you’ve chosen.  This wont change things.

Realise the absolute truth is that you were born lovable.  Every baby in the world is born lovable – so were you.  Despite anything you may have learned to the contrary, despite however many mistakes you feel you’ve made, despite how awful things may seem right now, the truth is you are still lovable.  You may have done a good job in pinching yourself away from this belief and buying into negatives about yourself and your world, but the truth is still that you are lovable.

When you can realise this truth and start to nurture yourself, your soul self, first and foremost, and value yourself, you will start to connect with meaningful happiness.  Feeling good starts from within.  Stop trying to fix what’s wrong or wish things were different; start working on valuing yourself and building your own self worth and self esteem.  The better you feel about yourself the more you will engage your phenomenal evolved “Palace” part of your brain, the better you will handle life challenges and the more good you will allow yourself to have.  Does this sound a more effective way to be?  I guarantee it!

Imagine if you REALLY valued and loved yourself, what difference would that make?

Would you feel more worthy and deserving, with improved self esteem and self respect?

Would you feel more confident?

Would you know you’re good enough exactly as you are and can always grow?

Would you be able to better trust you could handle things?

Would you make more positive choices?

Would you cope better with your challenges if you came from the centred space of valuing and loving yourself?

Would having the consequent better relationship with yourself change your thoughts about other relationships you have or may want?

Would valuing yourself make it easier to be excited about living your life to the full?


It doesn’t matter how far away from these you feel right now, whether it’s ‘1’ out of 10 or much higher.  The truth is the better you feel about yourself, the better you will allow yourself to live and the more you will become aligned to manifest your good – and be able to embrace it and enjoy it.

If you were to value yourself just a little bit more today, what’s the first thing you might notice?

If you were to value yourself just a little bit more today, what difference would that make?

If you were to value yourself just a little bit more today, what might you allow yourself to be, or do, or have?



About The Author

Demi Schneider

- DHP HPD SFBT(Dip) GQHP MNCP AfSFH - Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist - Metaphysical Life Coach - Solution Focused Brief Therapist - Founder & Facilitator of Depression Busting Courses - Author of “Beat Your Depression For Good”