Depression Busting Courses


  • No matter how low you feel, or for however long. . .
  • No matter whether you just feel fed up, empty and longing – or
          have had stress, overwhelm, fatigue, guilt, struggle, anxiety or
          depression for years….
  • No matter how bleak things look or how disillusioned you’ve
          become …

The Good News is it doesn’t have to be this way.

My unique, powerful and proven programmes provide authentic Transformational Help in the way that is most appropriate for you, be that via video, skype, ‘phone or face to face on a fabulous individual retreat. All the courses give a Free Place at a live 3 day group event too!

You really can turn things around, rediscover your own power, end the longing and fear, find solutions and have the confidence to action them, stand up for your life and discover the secret to lasting happiness!

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“This awesome, wonderful lady has totally changed my outlook on life, helped me recognise that how I was thinking kept me depressed, and with empathy, love & kindness showed me how I could change this. Demi has given me the tools I am now slowly but surely working with to live my best, most joyful life. No exaggeration to say spending time with Demi is the most important thing I’ve ever done for me. Delighted to recommend.”

-Denise N

"It was a big step for me to admit I had enough of a problem to need to seek help. I researched everything I could and had some quality counselling but knew I needed more. Surfing the internet and finding Demi quite by chance was the answer to my prayers. In the first conversation she made so much sense and was clearly passionate and confident that, if I used what she gave me, I could feel better very quickly. Following a 2 day Individual Retreat and a few phone sessions I feel better than I have done in years, with new focus, direction and purpose. I sleep well (something I haven’t done for years) and have solved quite a few problems and am able to enjoy life again, looking ahead with positivity.

Whatever it was that lead me to Demi I am extremely grateful and would recommend her unreservedly."

-Rob B

"I spent 2 days with Demi, where she taught me how to take power over my thoughts and behaviours and re-programme the deep-set beliefs that I had held since childhood. Even after such a short time, the shift in how I felt about myself and about my life was considerable. The follow-up phone sessions Demi and I had were especially invaluable to help reinforce these new approaches and methods.

My life has truly been positively touched by this course and I cannot thank Demi enough for teaching me an entirely different way to live my life and take control of my thoughts. Demi has gone above and beyond to help me, her generosity and kindness shine through. On top of that, her positive and happy demeanour make this course an absolutely enjoyable experience; making this course absolutely unique to any alternatives I had previously tried. The tools which Demi provides are easy to use and effective and I know that I will continue to use these throughout my life."

-Emma W

"I was recommended to Demi some time ago but resisted initiating contact. More fool me! What I have learned from her has literally changed my life and it was easy to follow the simple things she laid out so clearly. I have found skills I didn’t know I had and feel great knowing that just by living these new ways, that are already becoming habitual, I will never feel depressed ever again! I can’t believe I am writing those words . . .

I will never be able to thank Demi enough for all she has done for me and her persistent patience to get me through my insane blocks. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone so genuine.

If you are depressed, don’t waste time like I did. Contact her now, I’m sure you’ll be glad you did"

-Sarah P

"I had been out of work for quite a long period and got myself stuck in a rut which I was struggling to get out of when I met Demi. In just a few short weeks, I was thinking much more positively and constructively, feeling much, much happier, and had been offered not just one job, but two! I can guarantee that if you make the effort to put into practice the simple and practical advice offered by Demi, you too will notice huge benefits to your health and well being. If only we were all taught how to 'live well' at a younger age, life's ups and downs would not seem nearly so daunting."

-Tim C

“I have started 2015 in a completely different place to 2014 and that is down to the love support and guidance Demi has consistently given to me. I wasn't 'depressed' but I had lost all direction after a divorce and needed to figure out who I was and what path I needed to be on. Demi has allowed me to not just find who I am but create who I want to be - a positive, calm person who trusts their own gut feeling about what is right for them and being able to flow with life and enjoy the process, rather than dictate every move, then be frustrated life feels such like hard work. I am truly grateful for her presence in my life and will continue to speak with her to keep me living this amazing new life.

I would very much recommend her to anyone who like me felt stuck, wanted to change but didn't know how.”

-Charlotte E

"Words cannot express how I feel about what Demi has done for me. I arrived at her house a depressed self pitying wretch and left totally changed. Demi not only sets you on the correct pathway for the rest of your life but also provides you with all the tools necessary to keep you on it. People who did not know what mental state I was in have commented about how well I look now, and my sister says that I look 10 years younger! Enrol now on one of Demi’s courses and your life too can be so much more enjoyable. Thank you Demi"

-Judy Gee

"I arrived with considerable trepidation and many hallmarks of life-long negativity that had driven me to despair and a deep depression. I left with a new found sense of effortless joy and positivity together with a sense that this will continue to grow into the future unabated. I thank you and truly appreciate your charismatic, expert, patient and devoted attention that has enabled me to feel that I am now firmly on the road to a vastly more fulfilling and successful relationship with life as a whole. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

-Nick A

"I am forever grateful to you for revealing my ‘Palace’ to me. You have enabled me to open the door into this wonderful caring universe, the great provider. Every day I notice how the universe provides in small and big ways. The course I did with you was life changing and empowering. I am trying to bring your message to my children in school and it works! I would dearly love to meet you again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my very best wishes to you."

-Geraldine C

"I can honestly say booking an individual 2 day course with Demi was the best decision I have ever made. Right at the start, she guaranteed, that if I put into practice all that I learned while on the course, I would have a rich, rewarding, joyful life, free of depression and anxiety. I am now living and building that life and I feel fabulous.

Forget “learning to live with depression”, forget “coping with depression”. Don’t waste another second. Get yourself down to Demi’s lovely home in Devon. After 2 days you will know exactly how to banish depression forever. You can do it, it’s real and I can’t thank her enough for showing me the way."

-Sue C

"When I decided to visit Demi, I was at a real cross-roads in my life. I realised that simply re-playing all the same old issues again and again was getting me nowhere and I just kept

finding myself feeling negative and hopeless. I needed to find a way forward that would focus me in a more positive direction and thankfully finding Demi was the answer. Her approach is all about looking forward positively rather than spending your whole time looking backwards negatively. She has helped me developed some really powerful techniques for dealing with the trials and tribulations of life (both past and present) which hit all of us from time to time whether we like it or not. It is how we respond to these that is the key and Demi's approach has helped me in so many ways. As a result of my two days with Demi, I can honestly say that I have changed my perspective on life completely. I now have a little message on my mobile phone screen when it is locked that says "Enjoy Today" - and how true that is. If you start living in the here and now and appreciating all the things you do have and can do, rather than worrying about all the things you haven't got and can't do - your life becomes immeasurably richer very quickly. Everyone has noticed the change in me (especially my other half) and that in itself says a great deal. Demi has also been excellent at following up and keeping in touch which has been a big help. I can honestly say if you want to refocus yourself into a more positive place, then you will be in a very safe hands if you contact Demi."

-Rebecca L

"I have spent a lot of years in varying degrees of anxiety and depression, and just thought it was down a lot of life trauma's that we all face. Until I met Demi. I was initially very sceptical that she could help me but as soon as I spoke to her on the phone I knew she could. I had tried all kinds of counselling etc in the past and none of them had worked for me. I spent 2 days one to one with Demi, which in itself was an achievement being away from my family and driving 5 hours to Devon on my own, but it was all worth it. Traditional 'counselling/therapy' is about revisiting the pain of all of the horrible life experiences that I thought were making me feel the way I felt. Demi's approach is very much more about understanding that it is not the event that is causing us the pain but how we think about it. It is all in the power of our thoughts and it only us who think in our head and therefore it can all be changed. She has given me the skills and the confidence to make changes that I never thought possible. I now get up in a positive frame of mind , glad to be alive! It is a work in progress, much the same as losing weight, you have to make small changes each day and stick to those changes for them to have an effect, and it is ok to have a bad day, and have a negative thought or 'eat a chocolate cake'. It is now 2 months since my time with Demi and people around me are noticing the changes in me. I cannot recommend her highly enough, if you are looking to make positive changes and feel better then I can definitely say hand on heart that it was the best time and money I ever spent. Thank you Demi"

-Louisa G

"I was a little sceptical at first of travelling to spend a couple of days in the countryside with some other people to confront our depression.
The scepticism disappeared as soon as I met Demi with her open and welcoming heart. The setting was lovely - an extremely comfortable English country bed and breakfast set in peaceful countryside where Demi immediately motivated us to look at ourselves and our problems in a completely different light.

On leaving, I was convinced I would like to return at least once a year , if not more, for some good grounding top up sessions.

I would very much like to recommend Demi and her caring method"

-Derek P

"I knew I was in trouble!! Work, life, love, money - everything was an ongoing disaster! On and off Prozac, I finally got to an all time low - in the blackest of pits! I knew I had tomake changes, but how??

I simply Googled until I came across Demi's website and the opportunity of an upcoming course within a few days!! Rescue at last!!

I didnt hesitate to book - instinctively it felt right even before talking to her on the phone. Within a few hours I could feel positive changes happening as I understood why and how I needed to 'change my blueprint'. Everything made so much sense. It really was a revelation!

So....if you have any doubts whatsoever - cast them aside and trust 100% in Demi.

If you truly want to turn your life around and you are willing to work at it ( it aint difficult!!) Demi will give you the tools to do it. She is simply fabulous! THANKYOU!!!"

-Helen B

"Life at 20 years old should be drenched in happiness, fun, contentment and excitement. For me, my life was instead consumed with negativity, severe anxiety, fear and unhappiness. Recognising that this was not a productive way to live, I spent many years searching for help in a variety of forms: medication, counselling, cognitive therapy, hypnotherapy. After years and years of no success, I was on the verge of giving up trying...and then I found Demi.

2 days with Demi on her Depression Busting Course provided me with the tools I needed, and was quite clearly lacking, in order to live through, and cope with, any situation. What I particularly found important was that there was no focus on the past and what had happened, it was all on how to live happily in the now, caring for your mind and body along the way.

Demi's warm, friendly nature and passion for what she does and believes in is alive with authenticity. Most importantly, her support and guidance continues beyond the course, ensuring her advice and tools are relevant to each person, and are built with firm foundations.

Thank you Demi for guiding me on to the right path and teaching me how to become at one with myself, living everyday with happiness and peace. You have changed my life and I shall be eternally grateful!"

-Meg R

"I had no idea what to expect when I went on this course and all I knew was that things weren't great for me. I'd just come out of a difficult relationship and felt extremely low, but worse still - I felt I had a recurrent problem with depression. My ex had described me as the most up and down person he had ever met and I had personalised this to the nth degree and convinced myself there was something wrong with me.

I was looking for answers and specifically a way to 'fix myself' when I came across Demi's courses. I had no idea what to expect but I knew I was willing to give anything a try... I nervously dialled the number on her site for a quick intro chat and immediately felt relaxed, listened to, and understood. The key things that I valued on that first call were the time that Demi gave without any commitment from me to undertake any further course, her approach which is clearly solution focused and is based on recognising our own ability to determine our own destiny.

I think the following quote by Henry Ford excellent sums up the premise of the whole course which is: "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right" and Demi spends two days giving dedicated time, hypnosis, empathy and straight forward easy to understand advice which provides the perfect tool kit to keep yourself in check. The thing that really struck me about the two day experience was the value it offers.

Where else would you have one on one time with an experienced hypnotherapist which includes hypnosis and an entirely personalised approach for such value and in such close proximity to London - only 1h55 on the train.

I think where Demi stands out from any other therapist I've met is her determination to push you to help yourself. This is exemplified not only by a follow up check-in to check you not only understand the concepts which Demi provides you in your work book which will then stay with you for life, but also her insistence that you 'learn' her work and make it an every day part of your life. I've always been scared about my depression returning and I now realise that any warning signs should be welcomed as a reminder that I need to address my thinking style.

I've spent my life believing conflict against being the victim is my best way out, now I have realised that I am in control of my feelings and I can choose whether I let someone upset me or not. I no longer constantly give away my power. The monthly newsletters keep me on track.

Thank you Demi. I really appreciate everything you did for me at a very difficult time".

-Cass H

“This course was the shot in the arm I needed. Having lived with depression for nearly 20 years I wanted to take control of my life after having expected someone to wave a magic wand and take it away from me. I was drawn to Demi's website and I am so pleased as from the moment I was welcomed into Demi's home to the moment I left I felt I was finally achieving something. With the will to take control, openness to change and putting the work in, I have found 'me' and am finally enjoying being me. The change has been instant and for that I can't recommend the course enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you”.

-Helen W

“After over 20 years having depressive episodes I wanted to break the cycle. The 2 days spent with Demi have literally changed my life! I now have the tools to create the life I deserve. I think EVERYONE could benefit from doing this course. Thank you Demi for guiding me to my ‘palace’.”

-Amanda RW

“Up until the very minute before I met Demi, I was still questioning my decision to come to Devon. I was sceptical and nervous.
From the minute after meeting Demi I felt at ease - I was hopeful but still sceptical. After the first day I knew my decision was right - I felt I had "come home". Here was

someone who "got me". The level of understanding and communication between us was enough to brush all my scepticism aside.

Today, almost a month later, I can categorically say that seeing Demi was the best decision of my life!!!

Thank you Demi for fulfilling all my hopes - you are amazing!”

-Catherine P

“I am indeed changing my thinking and therefore changing my life Demi!

I have not missed my job, I have not missed my wage, I have spent a lot of time traveling and visiting my friends and family. My relationships are more harmonious, I have given up a lot of my fears, I am reaching out to others. I feel more at peace, I have learned the value of vision boards and meditation. I continue to read the file you gave me I am very glad I met You.

Love and blessings Demi.”

-Jackie G

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