Beat Your Depression For Good

Move from Rats’ Den Misery
To Palace Happiness


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This book is a practical Do-It-Yourself version of my unique Depression Busting Course. I take you through the same journey, with simple exercises to make this a personal and meaningful experience for you. Learn how to take back your own power, to feel in charge of your life and how you feel about yourself, to live well and find lasting happiness. Working on both the conscious and subconscious levels you can shift old beliefs and patterns and baggage for good. You can move authentically into a place of good feeling.

It comes with the 2 free audio downloads so I can guide you through the visualisations while you just relax and experience them. Even more practical is the small cut-out section which, once you’ve read “Beat Your Depression For Good” and gone through the exercises, is all you’ll need to follow to ensure you keep living well and never know depression ever again.

This is not just about positive thinking. It’s very easy to get worn out trying to be positive about all the negative things in life. That doesn’t change anything! It’s a waste of effort trying to mend the broken path you’re on. Learn to walk on your own self-honouring path that leads you comfortably and easily through our life journey.

You can begin this journey now and never know depression again!

No drugs, no nasty side effects, no dependency, just lasting positive change!

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What people have said:

"I came on your course and this book has reinforced everything and more. I love it."

"I’ve suffered with depression for years and read many self- help books but this one tops the lot. Clear, easy to read and practical."

"Beat Your Depression For Good” made me realise I didn’t have to live negatively ever again! It really was a simple and doable process to become happy and know how to stay that way! Thank you for my new lease of life!"

"I love the CD’s with the guided visualisations to listen to over and over. They’ve been really helpful"

"I used to have great difficulty sleeping but now with the Relaxation for Sleep track I sleep well and feel so much more refreshed in the mornings."

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