OPTION ONE: come to beautiful rural Devon, stay in a delightful local B&B and come to my home for 2 days of unique guidance and experiential transformation. Find all that has been missing to enable you to feel complete, fulfilled, manifest your desires and live as your best you with your best life. It’s what you deserve. Receive follow-up sessions in your all-inclusive package.
OPTION TWO: work together in a virtual retreat over the internet, face to face; going through the same 2 day guidance and experiential transformation, in half days or full days, from the convenience of your own home. Follow-up sessions included.
Both options include handouts, audios and other support material including a one page “Step by Step Guide” so everything we do is simple, clear and achievable.


We all want to feel good; about ourselves, our lives, our relationships and our future. Yet when things aren’t the way we want or we’ve got challenges that ‘take over’ or we feel worthless or it’s too much struggle etc. we feel the overwhelm and the consequent anxiety or depression. Pills can mask this, yet can’t change things. Counselling/CBT doesn't change our fundamental mindset, patterns, misalignment and the consequent energy we are in.
The secret is in shifting these blocks to feel truly good about ourselves first and foremost. If you woke up tomorrow feeling great about yourself what else would change? What would you allow yourself to be, do, have or feel? From this energy, EVERYTHING else in your life changes too.
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Free Breakthrough Consultation

How much do your issues get in the way of you living your life? How much suffering does it cause you?​

In this Breakthrough Consult with me, you’ll understand why you are where you are in a completely different way and find the solution to gain new direction, be anxiety and depression free, confident, self assured, comfortable in your own skin and able to live life to the full; to be able to wake up each morning feeling good and totally trusting you can handle whatever comes your way so you can just focus on all that’s good and get on with your life, making the most of it.
Specifically you will:
* learn what has really created your troubles
* discover the solution and what’s in your way
* find out how you can transform things to be happy
You’ll leave with more clarity and a feeling of hope that there really is an alternative to your misery.
This is the ideal way to explore if working with me more deeply could be your greatest gift to yourself.
To maximise the value you’ll get from your complimentary Breakthrough Consult, please answer all questions in the form below honestly and completely.
Your answers are in the strictest confidence.
With empowerment and encouragement,
Demi Schneider
Your Life Transformer
Breakthrough Consult Application:

Your Name

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What’s ailing you?

If you woke tomorrow feeling great about yourself and your life, what would be different or what would change?

What do you see as the biggest challenges or blocks, holding you back?

How important is it for you to solve/overcome the issue(s), Right NOW?

Is there anything else you’d like me to know?.

A little about me:

I have been teaching courses and workshops since 2002 and have focused particularly on Anxiety and Depression from 2010 when I founded “Depression Busting Courses”. My book “Beat Your Depression For Good” was released in 2014 and I have just released my latest book “Experience The Change - The No1 Guide for Young People to Feel Good, Be Happy and Enjoy Life” which I am truly excited about. Imagine if we had learnt about taking our own power back, releasing negative thoughts and feelings, creating what we do want to be and do and have and feel, how to feel good about ourselves first and foremost and to have positive, fulfilling relationships etc. whilst we were still at school, how different things might be now! My ambition is to get this taught in schools as part of the curriculum.
When I’m not working I love spending time with my fabulous teenage daughter, my greatest gift and pleasure, enjoying the delightful places Devon has to offer together, the theatre - especially the live streamed shows from London, where I grew up - doing various projects or catching up with friends.
I used to spend most of my life depressed to one level or other - now that I understand how to cope with life challenges and the secrets to fulfillment and happiness, life is so much easier and rewarding, feeling good every day because I am alive. I would love to share this with you too.
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