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Other Audio Downloads or CDs Available:

Severance from Negative Self Feelings 23:08
This specially designed visualisation enables you to safely, powerfully and beautifully free yourself from negatives that you learned and experienced in earlier years,

The Vase 6:52
Expand your consciousness to receive your good with this short, easily remembered imagery, which you can hold in your mind all day as an attracting force.

The Village 10:26
Allow yourself a few minutes to take time out, relax and listen to a story to stimulate your inner resources and regain positive focus.

Relaxation 19:18
Feel relaxed and rejuvenated through visiting your own special ‘happy place’ and connecting with that space of peace within, to enhance your well-being and feel good.

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These 2 tracks provide the popular background music to the ‘White Light Treatment’ and ‘Relaxation for Sleep’ visualisations on the free CD available with the book “Beat Your Depression For Good”

Each music track is approximately 30 minutes duration enabling you to do the visualisations in the book at your own pace and in your own way.

Alternatively they can be used for general meditation or simple relaxation.

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These beautiful and powerful tracks enable you to relax and experience peace and calm whilst reinforcing positive messages into your mind on a deeper level to support positive change and positive self feelings. The calming soothing tones and exquisite background music combine to encourage repeated listening for accumulative benefit.

Stress Relief 25:06
Feel yourself in a space of peace and tranquility being guided to drift in a boat on a beautiful lake, surrounded by mountains. Become at one with yourself and life, resting in gentle music that helps clear your mind and calm emotions.

Self Recognition 32:36
Release unwanted feelings and move into a space of empowerment and strength, whilst sinking into the deeply relaxing music that can help lift your spirit and open you to a feeling of joy and expansion.

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These powerful and effective tracks enable you to relax whilst

introducing positive messages into your mind to access your own intuition and inner guidance toward positive change. The gentle yet penetrating tones combine with carefully selected music to

encourage repeated listening for accumulative benefit.

Self Feelings 28:47
Experience reconnection to your own innate strength from which to grow more positive self feelings to empower you,
expanding your consciousness with the long sustained harmonies that lift you increasingly higher.

New Direction 27:57
Sink into the wisdom and be enveloped with positive messages to access your own ability and resourcefulness to move
forward with clarity, with expressive music to enhance your well being.

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