To be read with my book

Contemplating Confidence

23.08 Inner Child Connection, Healing and Freeing

2. The Village

10.26 Story to stimulate inner resources and regain positive focus

3. The Vase

6.52 Be aligned with receiving in and flowing out

(the money example can be changed to anything of choice)

4. Relaxation

19.08 Day time relaxation and uplift

1. Stress Relief

25.06 Clear your mind and calm emotions - use whenever desired

2. Self Recognition

32.36 Cultivate higher self connection

1. Self Feelings

28.47 Reinforcement of positive self feelings

New Direction

27.57 A metaphor to inspire your subconscious mind to move forward

a. White Light

b. Relaxation

60.00 Back ground music for your own visualisations/ meditations

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